About Beetle Press

We are professional writers and editors with more than 30 years of journalistic, corporate and creative experience. We collaborate with mission-focused entrepreneurs, CEOs, the leaders of nonprofits, authors, artists and marketing and development professionals. We believe in them, and we put our passion and experience behind them, telling their stories of transformation to bring about new, positive change.

At Beetle Press, we also know that success is in the trust you build and the relationships you nurture. We get to know our clients, and our insight and talents allow us to best position them in front of their varied audiences.

Our relationships with colleagues also benefits clients. When needed, we call in the trusted members of our expanded team – graphic designers, marketing strategists, web designers, videographers and social media experts – to broaden the scope of services and enhance outcomes.

Professionals we collaborate with on an ongoing basis include Ruth Griggs, principal of RC Communications in Northampton, and Maureen Scanlon, principal of Murre Creative in Florence. Janice, Ruth and Maureen are part of a collaboration called The Creative.

We also work closely with Fran Fahey of Fran’s Fine Editing, and Amber Ladley, a web developer.

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