‘Like’ is So, Like, Overused

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So, I thought I would, like, write a blog about how people inject the word “like” into their sentences these days, willy nilly. [Read more…]

Get Noticed with a Press Release

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It’s been some time since I wrote a blog about the importance of learning how to send a press release, so I thought it was time for some reminders. [Read more…]

Recruit Grateful Storytellers

Thank you message on adhesive note on office table

It is well-documented that organic, authentic, word-of-mouth testimonials help organizations to grow in a way that paid advertising can’t touch. There is nothing that speaks with more power than stories told in gratitude. [Read more…]

Taking Good Care of Clients is Good PR

February 2017 Kelly Tiedemann horiz-2

Kelly Tiedemann is a quiet but determined dynamo in her new role at Common Capital. [Read more…]

Discover Community

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I had my first vague sense of what it means to be part of a community in high school. [Read more…]

Author to Read April 25 in Northampton

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For roughly 20 years, Tom Zink and I were members of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Northampton. He was the guy who led the morning music program for the children. He was also the kind of guy who was apt to be setting up chairs and working at various pot lucks. But I never got to know Tom outside of church. [Read more…]

Giving Voice to Businesspeople

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Every week, I compile a column that runs in the Business Monday section of The Springfield Republican. The feature is called Voices of the Valley because it gives businesspeople from Greenfield, Massachusetts, to Enfield, Connecticut, a voice—a chance to be heard on who they are and what they do. [Read more…]

Outlook 2017

The Great Garbanzo food truck owned by John Grossman and Dawn Cordeiro of Holyoke Hummus Company is last in a long line of vendors behind Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton.

Every year, I write a handful of stories for the Springfield Republican newspaper’s Outlook section, which focuses on business and commerce in the Pioneer Valley. This year was no different. [Read more…]

A Reminder to Listen, Learn, Grow

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There was a time when I thought if I acknowledged a learning, it would be a red flag that there might be other things I didn’t know. It felt like a failure to admit when I’d experienced a moment of personal or professional growth. The 8-year-old in me wanted to say, “I knew that,” even when I didn’t. [Read more…]

Teaching with Words

Ashley Pond-2

By Ashley Pond

I always thought that I would be a high school English teacher after I finished college. [Read more…]