Visibility Audits

Do you feel like the people in your target markets don’t know you exist or understand what you do? Are you worried you don’t have the capital to develop a marketing plan for reaching out to them? [Read more…]

Press Releases


As longtime journalists, we have a niche in the area of public relations and are adept at helping businesses and nonprofits gain recognition in the media. We know what news editors are looking for and craft press releases that position our clients’ news, events and success stories in a professional and effective manner. [Read more…]


An enewsletter that is sent on a regular schedule and is succinct in offering news and information is one of the best marketing tools available to businesses and organizations today. Used in collaboration with social media and blogging, an enewsletter takes you into the homes and offices of those in your audience and keeps you top-of-mind. [Read more…]

Event Planning for Promotion


Sometimes the best way to draw attention to your business or organization is to sponsor and/or host an event, which gives you an opportunity to promote your organization and your event – to your audiences and to the media. [Read more…]

Media Consult

Janice has more than 30 years of knowledge in journalism and enjoys sharing it with others so that they can raise awareness about the good work they do by connecting with the media in the Pioneer Valley. [Read more…]


Blogs are a proven marketing tool that can be used to drive traffic to your website, draw attention to new products and services, or recognize a valuable client, staff member or industry colleague. Active and interesting blogs raise awareness and can help position a business as a leader in any given field. [Read more…]

Storytelling Workshop

Janice wants to be a writing professor in her second life, so she particularly enjoys this workshop, in which she leads employees, volunteers and others from mission-focused organizations in identifying and telling their own stories. [Read more…]