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Kelly Tiedemann is a quiet but determined dynamo in her new role at Common Capital.

As business assistance coordinator for the community based, non-traditional lending organization, Kelly came on board the Common Capital team in January and is eagerly settling into her position. She will be working directly with Common Capital borrowers, providing technical assistance and coordination of supportive business services and training.

Kelly brings a uniquely blended knowledge base, with experience in economic development as well as community collaboration as she worked for a number of years with families in need of social services and with small businesses on their fiscal management.

I work with Kelly on the Common Capital enewsletter, and with Ruth Griggs and The Creative, in bringing marketing services to Common Capital clients. It’s easy for me to see that Kelly brings the same passion and knowledge to the job of helping businesspeople as I imagine she did to the work of bringing resources to struggling single mothers many years ago.

About Common Capital

The Common Capital Business Assistance Program is designed to provide one-on-one support to borrowers, offering access to resources needed for the long-term success of local small businesses. Through goal setting, accountability work and networking, Kelly works with business owners to develop a true structure of support.

She’s a whiz at thinking about the needs of Common Capital’s clients and the marketing and other channels that will best help them grow. When she’s determined that financial coaching would help them, or perhaps graphic design services, Kelly works to pair the clients with Common Capital partners like myself.

Kelly’s mind is constantly at work, brainstorming additional ways to raise awareness for clients and how to continue to build on the resources that Common Capital already provides to them.

The organization recently announced a new training component to the Business Assistance Program. Called Lynda.com, the platform will allow borrowers and prospective borrowers to access free learning on in-depth topics ranging from business principles to money management to social media marketing.

That’s an impressive reveal in the first few months on the job, when most people are struggling to learn their role and remember their new passwords (and colleague’s names). And Kelly has gone further than that. She is also hard at work, writing new Business Tips for entrepreneurs and clients to read on the Common Capital website.

I am especially impressed by this skill. Kelly is using editorial content and the written word to help clients build knowledge and raise awareness, and, in this way, she is also raising awareness for Common Capital. Super smart. And also well-done. I told Kelly she did a great job writing her tips!

Last month, Kelly penned a tip on understanding the differences in borrowing from different types of lenders. Her second tip was about building relationships on social media, my personal favorite.

You too could use the written word and storytelling to raise awareness about and grow your business. Follow Kelly’s good lead: Write a blog about a client’s successful experience. Post a quote from a happy client on social media.

These new marketing channels make it so easy to grow your business, and if you’re not as adept as Kelly and need help with that, you can send me an email.

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