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It’s a funny word, “blog,” but today, blogging is something organizations get excited about—for good reason.

If you ask Merriam-Webster, you’ll learn that a blog is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer, and you’ll read that the word is short for “Web log.” We agree. But we also see blogs as something with more oomph: They provide organizations with the perfect platform for storytelling to raise awareness, fuel inspiration, and encourage participation.

We use our blog to keep our readers informed about our work and that of our community partners, and we reflect on our areas of expertise. Other organizations use blogs to share the success stories behind their programs and services, and we think that is just plain smart.

One of our clients who uses blogging to the organization’s advantage is Sports Travel and Tours of Hatfield, Massachusetts. This firm, founded in 1996, has a mission to offer hassle-free trips to sports fans so they can attend sporting events across the United States and Canada. They have fulfilled dreams and “bucket lists” worldwide.

They use their blogs to tell all about it, and we help them to do this.

In the past year, we’ve written blogs for Sports Travel and Tours about people like Sally Ryen, who went on a baseball trip this summer as one way to help her recover from the loss of her husband, Doug.

We’ve written about the Laughlin and Williams families, who each took the family patriarch on a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame for its annual induction ceremonies in Cooperstown, New York. These stories will give you goosebumps, and may also prompt you to buy a package for your father for next year’s induction in Cooperstown.

That’s the idea behind storytelling.

Jay Smith, president of Sports Travel and Tours (shown in photo); Teresa Weybrew, director of sales and marketing; and Christopher Switzer, creative director, all have a hand in brainstorming the blog ideas with us. They tell us the heartwarming, unique, and amusing stories about the joy and camaraderie that people experience on their trips. They tell us about their tour hosts and partners and what makes them special, and we help them select the stories that have the most appeal. Then, we interview their partners, hosts, and clients, and tell their tales.

Jay says in this first year of blogging, he has heard positive feedback from clients who have noticed the increased efforts at communication and are learning more about Sports Travel and Tours as a result. Jay wants to continue on with these blogging efforts and grow the goodwill—and grow the return on the investment.

We wholeheartedly agree. And we can’t wait to tell more sports travel stories in 2016, as the organization celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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