Workshop Series to Address Brain Health and Vitality

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Participants will learn how to boost brain function and health

HADLEY—Rosamond Reed Wulsin, a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, will offer The Brain Vitality Workshop Series, consisting of three workshops aimed at improving brain function, on Tuesdays in May. Each session will focus on a different category of holistic self-care tactics that have been proven to boost brain health. 

“The series is designed to give participants a chance to learn about the specifics of certain practices known to preserve or boost cognitive function,” Wulsin said. “The information shared will help participants better understand their options for taking care of their brains or that of a loved one.”

The first session, “Natural Remedies for Brain Health,” will take place Tuesday, May 14. Wulsin will discuss herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and other natural techniques known to be especially effective for recharging brain power.

In the second session, “Brain Super-foods,” Tuesday, May 21, participants will learn which foods are known to have the biggest impact on memory and overall brain function.

The third and final session is called “The Impact of Toxins and Technology on Brain Health,” and it will be held Tuesday, May 28. In this class, Wulsin will focus on environmental toxins and the role that chemicals play in the development of disease or dysfunction in the human body and brain. She will identify ways to protect health from some of the downsides of the many technological advances of this era.

All three sessions will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Wellspring Integrative Neurotherapy in The Elmwood Building at 104 Russell St.

The cost for the series is $45. Participants may choose to only attend one or two of the sessions, at the same cost. To register,

Wulsin is the owner of ReNEW Vitality: Nutrition for Energy and Wellbeing in Amherst. She holds a master’s degree in public health and is a certified health coach. She also holds certification as a Function Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner.

Functional nutrition is a therapeutic approach to addressing nutritional needs using systems, frameworks and inquiry into a variety of factors that influence wellness. In this holistic health modality, the focus is on resolving health issues at their sources.

“Both functional medicine and functional nutrition try to determine the ‘why’ behind imbalance in the body,” Wulsin said. “As well, they assess and treat the symptoms and illness in an individual using a holistic approach, based on the unique biology, genetic makeup and life experiences and exposures of that person.”

Wulsin works in partnership with clients to address their nutritional needs and help them achieve more sustainable health outcomes than they’ve been able to accomplish on their own or through conventional healthcare channels.

“Often, people come to a functional nutrition specialist after they’ve experienced frustration, lack of support and little success with prior efforts to improve their health,” she said. “I help my clients understand connections between their history, their choices around diet and other lifestyle factors, and their symptoms or overall health status. My job is multi-faceted in that I am part clinician, part educator and part coach. I also serve as a sort of detective, helping my clients sort through which dietary and lifestyle choices support, and which undermine, their ability to be well.”

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