• Seasoned was the first book I have produced. Throughout the editing process, Janice’s skill, sensitivity, and professionalism kept me on track and focused on the end product. Her clear, honest, and detailed feedback helped me craft a final draft I am proud of. I highly recommend Janice Beetle and Beetle Press to anyone who has an unfinished manuscript, or just a book idea, and may be wondering what to do next.

    Tom Zink Author
  • I love this blog! It's smart, and I love that you hit on my major keywords for search engine optimization. Also, I love how you tied it all up at the end. It's a great piece.

    A ghost blogging client
  • The [Daily Hampshire Gazette] story Janice did on my business was extremely well written. She was right on the mark in describing the work that I do and covered all the bases. As a result of the article, my business has grown tremendously than I ever would have imagined. I can’t put into words how thrilled I am with the work that she did for me. Her work is absolutely incredible! I highly recommend Beetle Press.

    Trevor Smith Owner, Laugh For No Reason
  • During the last several years, I have been using Beetle Press to prepare and deliver my press releases to the various media. Consistently, Beetle Press has drafted excellent press releases responsive to the message I wish to deliver, and has delivered them in a timely fashion to the right places. My clients often tell me that they came to me as a result of having read one of my press releases. Without hesitation, I recommend the use of press releases through Beetle Press to promote a business or activity. It works!

    Karen Jackson Attorney, Jackson & Torrone
  • It always struck me how people Janice interviewed and events she wrote about came to life. She asked just the right questions, had the proper insight on things so that her articles were inspiring to read. Janice goes out of her way to understand the customer needs and is a great asset in sorting through issues so that the end result is something to be proud of. I would highly recommend Janice.

    Linda Taupier CDPA Practice Manager, Northampton Mass.
  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely article you did on our flower garden etc. It made my day! You just did it so perfectly, it couldn't have been worded better and the pictures were beautiful! I have MANY friends and they are all calling me one by one this morning. They all loved it. So thank you again for our special day together in the garden.

    Diana Abbott Chicopee, Mass
  • Janice Beetle of Beetle Press has helped transform our nonprofit from a great little group that no one knew anything about to a thriving nonprofit in Western MA. The press releases Janice creates for our events help us attract donors, volunteers and supporters for our cause. In addition, within a month of working together, Janice arranged a feature in The Republican for Kane's Krusade that even got Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno's attention. Janice is an integral part of our team and we are grateful for her expertise!

    Kim George Founder and President, Kane's Krusade, Inc.
  • Judy is a consummate professional with an unyielding attention to detail. She is adept at juggling multiple projects and managing overlapping deadlines, while maintaining quality. Her work is consistently meticulous and thorough. Her projects come in on time, under budget, and exceeding expectations. Judy has a transparent enthusiasm for her work and clients appreciate her positive attitude.

    Craig Burgess Director, Business Solutions and Data Analysis - ApotheCom
  • I asked Janice to write me a press release. I gave her more information than I knew would be included in the actual press release, and I asked Janice to pick and choose the points she felt would be most pertinent. Not only did she do that, but she did it quickly and efficiently. Within two days I had the press release, and she also gave me some tips for contacting the appropriate local outlets. This saved me tons of time and energy. Not only was my press release picked up by several local publications, it was featured on the front page of the weekly Health section of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. This means of the multitude of press releases they receive each week, mine was clearly one of the better-written ones. That day, I received several calls for the service I was promoting through the press release. So if you need a press release or maybe even a newsletter, content for your website or maybe help with your magazine article, I woud highly recommend Janice Beetle of Beetle Press. She'll do the job efficiently, professionally and help you present your message to your target market in a highly effective manner.

    Craig Fear Owner, Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy
  • The Visibility Audit with Janice from Beetle Press is one of the best investments I've made in my business in a long time. After just an hour and a half of working with Janice, I had a clear plan to both change my writing process in a way that will both save me time and increase the impact I have with clients and prospects. I also have clear steps outlined to increase the effectiveness of my newsletter and blog, collect powerful testimonials, communicate easefully with the press and create regular weekly, monthly and quarterly rhythms and systems that I can rely on. I highly recommend that you invest in your business by doing a Visibility Audit. You will be happy you did!

    Katherine Golub Principal, Radical Self Care Now
  • (My staff completed storytelling workshops) that Janice presented. We received far more from the workshops that went beyond what I had expected. There were so many little details that were brought out that those of us not in the journalism field would never have known if Janice did not touch upon them. Janice presented learning in a very personable way and approached each member of the group respectfully. She never rushed an answer to a question and was completely involved in assisting the group with their needs. We all came away with so much.

    Patricia Shaughnessy Director, Northampton Council on Aging and Senior Center
  • I collaborated with Janice Beetle to write a press release and other related communications announcing the formation of a new chamber organization. Janice was focused, on task, professional and highly competent in delivering the written press release and ancillary communications. She jumped right on the project, interviewed several individuals and wrote a detailed press release within just a few days. She delivered every step of the project on time, if not ahead of time, and added value to our interactions with the client. The press release was successful in providing crucial content to reporters, and Janice was able to secure some media interviews for chamber leaders. The client said that Janice did a “really excellent job” in pulling the release together. Months later, members of the community still talk about “the great press” that the chamber received.

    Ruth Griggs Owner, RC Communications
  • Janice is an excellent writer who is also a very generous and compelling communicator. From observation and personal experience, I can say with complete confidence that Janice is one of those rare people with the technical skills to fulfill the mechanics of her job and the heart and intelligence to bring what she’s writing about to life. Truly, if you know someone who has a message to tell, I believe you cannot do better than to refer them to Janice.

    Rob Engman Robert Engman Graphic Design
  • We did end up getting into just about (every print media) eventually, and the response has been really positive throughout the area.

    Michael Gove Attorney, Gove Law Office Northampton and Ludlow Mass.
  • Janice contributes to the planning of each year’s issues (Focus magazine) with her insightful ideas about themes and content. She is organized, energetic and hardworking. Janice is also very flexible and accepts change with ease. Janice has proven to be an excellent writer and editor. She creates and adheres to a stringent production schedule for each issue.

    Janet Garcia Director, Marketing Westfield State University
  • Using her writing and layout talents, Janice skillfully balanced the publications needs. She coordinated countless requests giving each one her utmost attention. Janice always met deadlines, produced quality work and exceeded her internal clients’ expectations. I relied on Janice’s ability to communicate effectively with a variety of members of the organization including nurses, physicians, managers, co-workers as well as with members of the community. She is courteous, creative and was always willing to pitch in to help others.

    Christina Trinchero Director, Marketing Communications Cooley Dickinson Hospital
  • We have been working with Beetle Press on a project that not only requires excellent research and writing skills but sensitivity toward the subject and the audience. Janice and Judy treated all parties involved with discretion and tact, which is important in a healthcare environment. They were always responsive and professional, and they delivered on time. Our physicians were impressed with the outcome.

    Tina Lang-Stuart Associate Director of Cancer and Surgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • I've been very happy with the articles you've done for us!

    Sue Spiry Manager Marketing, Baystate Health
  • I'm with you...shorter is better! Readability (on a Web site) is important in conveying the spirit behind the message, so great job! I'm so glad to have handed this off to you, you have no idea!

    Renee Simone Owner, Change Happens
  • I have to say connecting with you was the best thing I've done for my business in a long time. Money well spent! Thank you for all of your efforts.

    Jason Greene J. Greene Painting, Leeds
  • I hired Janice as part of an ambitious plan to increase my membership following my expansion and remodeling of Curves. Janice was easy to work with, a good listener, reasonably priced, and really knows how to get articles into a newspaper.

    Bonnie Cueman Owner, Curves
  • My Rotary District engaged Beetle Press to increase our effectiveness in delivering our mission to both our members and the public at-large. We also wanted to increase our brand awareness in the public and wanted a strategic plan to accomplish this goal. Janice worked with us to develop a short- and long-term plan with specific tasks. She also drafted press releases for events that led to news items in several newspapers and on MassLive.com.

    Michael Roy Governor, Rotary International District 7890
  • Judy is just so great at making me look great! She is currently working with me on my website - with her awesome interviewing skills, she is able to pull information out of me to create content that I never could come up with. I can't wait until this is done so we can move on to press releases and other marketing pieces!

    Alice Kempf Realtor, RE/MAX Prestige
  • Thanks so much for all of your help, and Judy's help, too. It was awesome working with both of you. We have gotten so many responses since the press release went out, thank you so much! We will highly recommend your services to everyone we know. Consider us very satisfied customers!

    Jimmy and Betsy Tarr Owners, Bistro Bus
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