Book Development and Editing

Helping authors develop their books has become a specialty I enjoy very much. There is nothing like bringing to life a deep and long-held desire to tell a meaningful story.

It doesn’t matter what your idea is. I can help you with it. I’ve offered an assist in creating many books, including most recently: a memoir about the loss of a sibling; a novel based on a debilitating, real-life event; and a coffee table book about the history of the lawnmower.

Here's What I can Offer

Concept Development

Maybe what you have at this stage is an idea for a book that you want to write yourself, but you have no idea how to map out the steps that will bring you to publication. You don’t know where to begin, and it keeps you from beginning at all. I can help. I can consult with you to help draw out the story line and craft an outline for the book. Then, I can outline the steps and a timeline—called a production schedule—to get you from book idea to book shelf.


Some clients are deeply touched by a life event that either traumatized or inspired them. If you have an idea for a book, but don’t feel up to doing the actual writing, I can help you get the story out into the world. I would interview you, and anyone else who has a stake in the story and information to share that helps to make it visual and real. Then, I write for you, relying on my extensive documentation and research materials.

Developmental Editing

Perhaps your book is done. You’ve written it and edited it. You are on your ninth—or your 22nd—manuscript draft, and you know it’s time to step back and let an objective editor take a look. I can edit with an eye toward ensuring the plot, subplots, and character development all hold together. I call attention to flaws in fact, omission in detail, redundancies, cliché. I can ensure your book will be a clearer, more concise read.

Copy Editing

I apply The Chicago Manual of Style and ensure that the material is consistent, free of typographical and grammatical errors, and adheres to accepted style guidelines.

Book Design

After I’ve ensured that your book reads beautifully, I call in a creative partner to help you design the cover and interior pages, and to prepare and finalize components such as the foreword, table of contents, appendix, bibliography, and acknowledgements.

Publishing Guidance

Because I have taken my own book and clients’ books through the self-publishing process, I can also guide you. I’ll help you outline the action steps and steer you toward trusted industry resources to take those last steps to publication.

Books in print

Seasoned: A Memoir of Grief and Grace

This memoir is the story of Tom’s unwitting grief journey of five decades that began when his older brother Steve was hit by a car and killed while on the paper route the two boys shared. But this is not merely a story of grief and recovery; it is also a poignant and, at times, humorous look at laughter and lightheartedness, winning and losing, and doubt and faith.

Edited by Janice Beetle

Divine Renovations

By Janice Beetle

This memoir is a love story at its core, but its mission is to help those who are coping with grief to recognize the journey and to know that there is hope.

Hand, Horse, and Motor

By James B. Ricci

This book features nearly 200 individuals or corporations that manufactured lawn mowers in this country and offers a snapshot on the patents, products and historical contributions each brought to the industry. It also offers interesting anecdotes, photographs and ephemera from the author’s extensive collection.

Edited by Janice Beetle

Books in progress

Flight of Integrity

This fast-paced and raw work of fiction details James Kowalski’s dogged pursuit of employment at an airline, his stellar performance once he lands a job as a ramp agent, and the dysfunctional work environment that brings his fantasy to an abrupt and traumatic end.

As told to Janice Beetle

Unleashing the Sun

By Janice Beetle

Meet the quick-witted and creative Roxanne Rogers and Alex Bruno, the man she is doggedly pursuing. Roxie is an artist with a painful romantic history, and Alex is a confirmed bachelor with a coarse exterior and a heart of gold. Watch how they change one another and grow together as they hike, kayak, and otherwise explore the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Finding Home

By Janice Beetle

This memoir is based on two travel adventures Janice has had in the past two years: a trip to the Marshall Islands in early 2016 and a trip to Hawaii in 2017. The story details what drew Janice to both places, the adventures she had and how the journeys inspired thoughts about what home really means.

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