Meet Janice

I have always enjoyed telling stories. I started my first journal when I was in first grade, before I could even spell with accuracy. I wrote about what I knew—my kitten, my two big brothers, my summer camp on Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire.

This desire to set thoughts down on paper led to my English degree from Westfield State College, and that steered me into a 15-year career as a reporter for the Daily Hampshire Gazette and Springfield Newspapers. I wrote about what was happening around me, telling stories about everything from pets to politicians, death to disability, confrontations and celebrations. I learned to listen with compassion, explain with precision, and follow my developing nose for news. Every day, my stories told people things they didn’t already know.

I brought this long-time, well-rounded background with me in 1998 to my work with Beetle Press. I apply my words and wisdom in many different ways now. I develop books that come from the hearts of authors. I craft press releases for organization leaders that translate into news stories and on-air time on radio or television. And I write marketing pieces from brochures to blogs to help organizations raise awareness.

In addition to my broad-based experience, my good nature helps set me apart. I’m gregarious and have a good sense of humor. People warm up to me easily, so when I interview you—about your project, your work, your clients—you will hear yourself opening up, sharing. This ability to draw out the details allows me to tell stories across all channels and genres that are rich and visual, and that makes them more impactful.

In my free time, I still write creatively. I published a memoir several years ago called Divine Renovations, and I blog about life, travel, and adventure at I’m at work on two new books as well—one, my first work of fiction. But I live life to the fullest, too. I take time to travel and spend at least a month in warm places in the winter months. I boat and kayak on the Connecticut River in the summer, and play with my grandson, enjoy my daughters, and read and relax all year long.

Now that you’ve learned about who I am, learn what I can do for you.

Talk to me about taking your book idea to the book shelf, or promoting your organization in the media, in print, or online.

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