Fulbright Scholar Laura Tilghman Opens Students’ Eyes

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I have been writing for Plymouth State University in central New Hampshire (my younger daughter Molly’s alma mater) for several years now. My stories about students, alumni, and campus projects have appeared in the university’s alumni magazine and on its website.

Most recently, I wrote the following piece, and rather than offering it in full here on my site, I am providing the link to read it on the Plymouth State website:

Fulbright Scholar Laura Tilghman Opens Students’ Eyes

Laura Tilghman learned about other cultures as a child through extensive family travel. In first grade, yet another new experience came when her family hosted a Mexican exchange student for a year.

Veronica was in sixth grade, and Tilghman loved hearing about her friend’s way of life, but Tilghman didn’t know there was a word for the study of other societies until she was in college earning her bachelor’s degrees in environmental studies and environmental biology.

Anthropology, it’s called.

Read more about Laura and her impact in this article.

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