January’s a Good Time to Take Stock

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It’s the middle of January, a brand new year. For many business owners, this is often a slow season after the holiday rush, and that makes it a great time to step back and take a look at your marketing and communication efforts.

Here’s a quick, easy read with four tips on making good use of the slower pace to evaluate your online presence and plan for the year ahead.

Make sure your messaging is reflective of this season. Check your greeting on your phone; does it say you are out of the office until Jan. 6 or some such date that’s already passed? Update it. Same with your email; if you still have an out-of-office message from your holiday vacation, it’s time to turn that notification off. Likewise, tune in to the advertising you’re playing on the radio or on television. As recently as this morning, I heard an ad on Pandora that referenced holiday shopping, and its call to action noted a Dec. 31 deadline. You don’t want that kind of attention for your business; it looks like you’re asleep at the switch.

Review your website and social media presence. It’s a good practice to take a spin through your website and the material you are presenting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms you might be using. It’s easy to forget that you might be promoting services or products that you no longer actually offer. Our focus tends to shift during the course of the year, and it’s always good to circle back and update to be sure we are intentional in what we’re promoting.

Consider PR opportunities. This could be a good time of year to think about your opportunities for sending a press release to the local media. Have you hired new staff since the end of last year? Do you have a new website? A new product or service? Did you relocate? Did you support a nonprofit with a financial gift recently? These are all great reasons to write and distribute a press release. Give some thought to raising awareness in this way.

Consider developing a marketing plan. A marketing plan can guide your communications efforts throughout the year, providing a road map on everything from print advertising to PR efforts to social media posts. My colleague Ruth Griggs excels at creating multi-faceted plans that help organizations facilitate communications, raise awareness, build business and enhance relationships.

Make this time of year work for you. Sure, take a little rest if you are able. Everyone needs to take a breather after a stressful time. Then dig in and do some work–on your work. Put your best face forward for 2017.

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