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Val Nelson is a petite woman who is also soft spoken. She is gentle, kind and compassionate, and the work she does with entrepreneurs packs a surprising punch with its effectiveness.

Val is a career/business/life coach, and she helps people identify and focus on their unique strengths and recover their confidence. She has been in business for six years, during which time she has advised hundreds of people and helped them clarify and activate their visions.
She has a background in management, health education and marketing. A self-proclaimed “ex-wallflower” – a high school student who would take a failing grade rather than give an oral report – Val is now someone who loves public speaking, networking and raising business visibility.
She specializes in helping others find more ease with their own visibility, especially in their independent work visions. She helps both introverts and extroverts, applying her understanding of their unique strengths and challenges with self-promotion.
I first heard Val’s name bandied about in my business networking group, the Mill River BNI. People spoke of her in a respectful way, almost with reverence, as in a particular program or idea had to be good because “I heard about it from Val.”
I began to hear Val’s name and positive talk about her work all around the Valley. I oversee the Daily Hampshire Gazette’s B2B ID, which offers a look at Valley businesspeople and their work; one question in this feature asks “Who mentored you?” and sure enough, didn’t Val’s name keep popping up there as an answer.
Then I met Val at a meeting of the Women Business Owners Alliance, and I was so completely disarmed by her.
I’d expected a tough woman. Over confident. Full of herself even. Imagine my surprise on becoming acquainted with this gentle giant – self-assured, yes, but easy going, easy to be around.
Val uses what she calls a heart-centered approach to business, and she has learned it tends to resonate more with women than with men; this, she says, because women naturally think about work-life balance, fitting their own values and personality into their business and aligning it with their heart.
After women work with her – one-on-one or through group sessions Val leads – they become empowered. “They can see that it’s thrilling to be a business owner – not a burden like they thought,” Val says.
I began working with Val myself in January, and while I couldn’t begin to articulate how it works, I can certainly attest to the fact that her coaching does indeed produce dramatic results.
Val has transformed my outlook on my work, my confidence in my ability to do it, and she has helped me to see how very sustainable my business is.
Val meets with people one on one and offers group courses such as “Sustainable Self-employment for Introverts.”
I highly recommend Val to any business owner who is struggling to stay in what she refers to as the “sweet spot” of sustainable and fulfilling success – where heart and money are aligned.
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