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Note: I recently did what I call a Discovery Session with a writer named Charles Merida. He calls himself Chaz and describes himself this way on his Twitter page: “Published Writer, YouTubist, Actor, MBA, echnoGeek, F/Vlogger, Father, Brother, and Jedi Knight of the Order of Starfleet.” Charles had a dream in 2015 that inspired a trilogy of books. I had the chance to read a portion of the first book recently and provide Charles with some feedback and direction on publishing. When we were done, he told me, “My brain is having a celestial party with all of this information.” I asked Charles to answer the following questions for this blog.

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J.M. Charles

What are you working on as a writer at this time?

“The 151,” a fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi trilogy.

What prompted you to have Janice review your work of fiction that is in progress?

I work at Fisher Auto Parts in Raymond, New Hampshire, as a shuttle driver, and a colleague of mine, Tom Marden, saw Janice’s advertisement in the Laconia Daily Sun. He mentioned it to me and then scoured the entire warehouse for the newspaper, finding it at the tail end of the work day. I called Janice shortly after and the rest is history.

What were you hoping to achieve in the session?

I have had over 40 beta readers handle various parts of my book, and only a handful had some kind of response. Janice, after reading just 39 pages, provided me with more insight than any of them. She was an absolute joy to talk to you. The Force is most definitely strong with her.

Name three things you learned that were helpful.

#1  I am not alone in trying to make my dream happen. Janice is proof that with effort and persistence, it can and will happen.

#2 I am walking my own path, and, although I have had doubts, my work is really good.

#3 Janice has recommended various resources and the initial steps of moving forward with “The 151.” The Force works in mysterious ways, and I am grateful that Janice entered into my non-linear timeline.

Any other specific tidbits that will now help you to move forward?

I wouldn’t call them tidbits, maybe BigBits. Janice helped me understand that even though the flashlight of imagination can have moments when it stops working, to jiggle it and shine it on another part to re-inspire.

Did you feel you made a connection with Janice? If yes, in what way?

Absolutely! The moment I left the first voicemail when I called Janice, I felt a certain energy frequency with her voice, despite it being a two-dimensional, electronic recording. The following phone conversation would confirm that realization. I look forward to the wonder and magic that will come from our connection.

Anything else that might be helpful feedback for Janice or someone thinking about working with her?

We all have that a moment when anxiety and fear, meet eye to eye with confidence and courage. I felt all that up to that moment I called Janice. Since that call, anxiety and fear have had their ass kicked. Janice’s honesty, and integrity, took center stage of our conversations as we discussed my project. I look forward to hearing about the amazing works Janice will be involved in.

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  • J.M. Charles

    And so it begins!

    • Janice Beetle

      Yes, looking forward to working with you in a more intensive way! Let it begin!

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