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Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a Discovery Session through Janice Beetle Books with Charlene Moses of Laconia, New Hampshire. She is working on a memoir about painful events that occurred in her family when she was growing up.

Charlene has taken some correspondence courses in writing for children and teenagers, but she has not had formal training or experience, and as she worked on her manuscript, that fact concerned her. She sought me out to serve as a resource and an objective voice. I told her to keep writing. She is well on the right track.

“I’ve always had the urge to want to write,” she says. “It just never really happened. I’ve written songs or poems in the past, but this book is my first biggie.” 

Indeed, it is.

I am grateful that Charlene took the time to answer the below questions about our Discovery Session. 

What are you working on as a writer at this time?

I am working on my life story as a child and young adult. The dramatic experiences I went through.

What prompted you to have Janice review your memoir-in-progress?

I knew I would need help because of my inexperience. When I saw Janice’s ad in the Laconia Daily Sun, it caught my attention. Her picture indicated to me that there was something special about Janice. She had a spiritual look and honesty in her eyes. My instincts were right on.

What were you hoping to achieve in the session?

I was hoping to feel a sense of accomplishment and to hear that I did have the ability and compassion to continue my journey. The session taught me just that. I received the encouragement I needed to proceed.

What did you learn that was helpful?

I received some wonderful critiques that could help make my story come more alive and exciting for the readers.

Any other specific tidbits that will help you to self-edit your work?

The suggestions that were given were so helpful that I can’t wait to go back and review my work and make it even better.

Did you feel you made a connection with Janice? If yes, in what way?

I definitely felt a connection with Janice. I felt as though we have known each other for a long time. I felt she could actually feel my experiences with me and knew where I wanted to go with my story. Her sensitivity showed she cared about who I am and that she wanted to help me in every way possible.

Anything else that might be helpful feedback for Janice or someone thinking about working with her?

Janice is a very knowledgeable and professional person. She is also very caring and compassionate. She makes you feel right at home and makes you feel that you can accomplish anything your heart desires. Even though I have not had a lot of experience in writing, she made me feel that I was already a successful writer and could reach beyond what I ever hoped for. I can see why other people have asked for her help, and I am so glad that I found her. I wouldn’t have gotten even this far without her. Anyone else would be blessed to work with her.

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