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I am extremely proud of my clients as they respond to the spread of COVID-19 across the world—and the region. While all are taking swift action, I offer a shout-out to those who are using PR as a way to communicate information and offer solace.

Florence Bank is one of many clients responding in a clear and open manner. Early on, the bank created a banner at the top of its website, announcing both updates from the bank regarding branch hours and protocols and also providing links to key information, such as how to access accounts remotely and how to protect from fraud at this time. On social media, Florence Bank is helping customers by providing links to museums so children can take virtual tours, offering links to demos on how to make a deposit remotely, and staff there are also offering fun posts on ways to spend time during this crisis. Great job to Monica Curhan and her team in marketing.

Thornes Marketplace, which had to close its doors early on, put a message on its website for community members—“We will remain closed for as long as is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As additional information is available, we are committed to communicating to you in a timely manner. Many of our merchants are selling their goods on line.” Mindful of the potential devastation for all the shops within its walls, Thornes has helped promote those businesses on its Facebook page. This post in particular lets people know which Thornes stores have products available online. Some posts are also playful, such as a sneak peek at Patria, the new restaurant under development on the lower level. Well done, Jody Doele, at Thornes!

As a Valley, we are responding well to the personal and economic devastation, and that does not surprise me. We are compassionate and intelligent folks here. I am certain we will help each other get through to the other, disease-free side. Try to think of the ways that you can support local businesses; one friend of mine is committed to ordering takeout food from a local restaurant at least once per week.

Up north in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, where my husband and I own a vacation home, and where my brothers Jeff and Allan Beetle co-own a restaurant named Patrick’s Pub & Eatery, I am also proud of the response. My brothers, in particular, are committed to keeping the restaurant open for delivery-only for community members who need the help with meals and for the staff, who rely on the employment. Allan spends countless hours each day, gathering feedback, brainstorming new ideas, and nimbly creating new systems that allow Patrick’s to operate with the goal of remaining open to support others. Like other restaurants in New Hampshire, Patrick’s was forced to close the night before St. Patrick’s Day, Patrick’s biggest day of the year. The restaurant offered take-out corned beef meals at the curbside—but donated half of the proceeds to a local food program. That’s my brothers.

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