Rebekah Lewis ’23: PSU Is an Incredible Community

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I have been writing for Plymouth State University in central New Hampshire (my younger daughter Molly’s alma mater) for several years now. My stories about students, alumni, and campus projects have appeared in the university’s alumni magazine and on its website.

Most recently, I wrote the following piece, and rather than offering it in full here on my site, I am providing the link to read it on the Plymouth State website:

Rebekah Lewis ’23: PSU Is an Incredible Community

Rebekah “Reba” Lewis ’23 was raised in a rural town in Utah where immersion in a strict religion was commonplace. After grieving the deaths of two brothers and surviving compounding traumas, Lewis felt disconnected from her church community and needed to advocate for herself by moving out of the area.

“That’s why I am here,” says Lewis, who will earn her bachelor’s degree in social work in the spring. “I realized how much I was wronged, and how much I had seen, and I couldn’t not do anything about it anymore. Plymouth State has changed my life. It’s an incredible community, and it showed me a whole new life that I could have.”

With gratitude, Lewis has been learning and taking advantage of all opportunities presented to her. She’s a three-year volunteer for the Circle Program, a nonprofit serving youths in the state who are socially and economically disadvantaged. She helped found the Plymouth Area Network to Help End Racism (PANTHER) and is currently absorbed in a 450-hour field practicum with the Youth Assistance Program in Tilton, NH, counseling at-risk youth.

Read more about Rebekah and her experience at Plymouth State University here.

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