Michael Barry has a Passion for Sportswriting

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Michael Barry has a love of sports and everything related.

Currently a senior at Westfield State University, Michael is majoring in English with a focus on writing. He grew up in Natick, Massachusetts, watching and playing football, lacrosse and baseball. His family has been a constant support and has shared his interests. “My dad is crazy about sports,” he says. As he got older, Michael says he did more watching than playing. “I was always better at watching than playing.”

At Beetle Press, Michael will be a player, helping Janice with PR for a client that’s focused around sports travel opportunities, and he will also write blogs and press releases.

After growing up in New England , Michael wanted a change of scenery and decided to attend the University of Tampa in Florida for his freshman year of college. However, it proved to be too expensive to continue attending. “The process of coming home every break was a big hassle, with distance and financially,” he says.

One good thing that came out of Michael’s University of Tampa experience was a journalism class that he found inspirational. “The professor was really great,” he says, noting it prompted him to change his original major from education to English. When he returned to Massachusetts, Michael attended a semester at a community college before joining Westfield State in the spring of 2013.

During his time at Westfield State, Michael has had a role on the campus sports radio show and has written sports articles for the campus paper, Westfield Voice. This year, he continues to write and edit articles for the paper.

Michael’s goal is to eventually be involved with sports journalism and possibly public relations. He is especially interested in online journalism. “It’s not so stuffy,” he says. “There are so many sports blogs out there: Grantland, Uproxx, SB Nation, Barstool Sports. I like them because they sound like they’re actually talking to you. That’s how I want to write.”

Outside of school and his internship, Michael still plays various sports when he can. He is also really interested in music and learning the guitar.

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