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My youngest daughter, Molly Scaife, is following in my footsteps.

Well, okay. Not really. She is teaching first grade, and there is hardly a parallel there, but Molly is blogging about her work and her experiences, and in that, she is her mother’s daughter.

Molly graduated from Plymouth State University in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains in May. Throughout college, she wanted to study abroad, but her degree was in early childhood studies and required several practicums that kept her from traveling. She made it her goal after graduation to find an opportunity abroad, and through, Molly found a first grade teaching position at the Majuro Cooperative School on an island called Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, literally a world away.

After answering the question of “Where the heck are the Marshall Islands?” Molly proceeded to apply for the job in late June. She secured an interview via Skype, was offered the position, took a thoughtful 24 hours to process her thoughts, and then she accepted. Only a few short weeks later, she boarded a plane, and I’ve only seen her since on Skype and in photos!

But I have read much about what Molly is doing, and what her work and the culture in her new world is like. I am proud of her for articulating everything from her research into jobs after graduation, to her homesickness and culture shock, and, in her latest blog, her pride as a teacher who is watching first graders learn.

Without being told by anyone—because Molly didn’t have any PR or marketing courses—she knew that a blog would be an important tool in raising awareness, and she has been using the tool faithfully. She is teaching young people about the abstract, such as what it means to take risks, and she is passing on practical information—about Majuro, its children, the landscape and the threat that climate change poses to the fragile island.

Blogging is a way to reach so many people at one time. It’s a vehicle that works well for businesses, nonprofits—and daughters and first grade teachers.

To follow Molly’s blog, visit, click on the “Follow” button on the lower right-hand side of her blogspot and enter your email address. You’ll get an email each time she adds a new post.

And you’ll learn a lot.

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