Building Trust, Relieving Anxiety

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I love that moment when I’m working with a new client, and I can see their anxiety and doubts turn to trust. 

That usually happens after a conversation where I’m guiding them in a direction and all of a sudden, they stop worrying about how much I might bill them and what the ROI might be, and they just start focusing on knowing I’ve got their back.

Sometimes the moment comes in the initial phone call when a prospect reaches out to me for help. They can often tell, from what I’m suggesting—and the relaxed and confident manner in which I’m suggesting it—that I’m guiding them in a good direction.

They might be apt to say, “I want to work with you. Now what?” 

This leads to years of connection and engagement and partnership.

Sometimes, though, that shift from “Hmmm, I wonder” to peace of mind takes a little longer. The client signs on because someone—maybe their marketing director or president—has told them they should. 

There is skepticism until they see results and then they do that relaxing thing, and they feel assured that I am a solid extension of the team.

I had a sort of in-between experience a few weeks ago. A client was referred to me for a press release on a significant investment his business was making in his community. He had yet to meet me until the moment we were on a Zoom meeting together for an interview.

I could see he looked a little overwhelmed and uncomfortable—kind of unsure about how this was going to work, and even whether it was going to work. 

Was it a waste of his dollars? I could tell he was wondering.

I am clear and thorough when I start a new engagement with clients. Before I leapt into my questions for his press release, I took a step back to explain my process—as I always do. 

“Let me tell you how this is all going to work,” I told the new client. “So we can take some of the mystery out.”

I explained that I would ask him questions to gather information, and that I’d make it painless. 

“Then I’ll write a draft to show you what I’ve done, and we’ll work together until it meets with your approval,” I said. “Then, we’ll choose photos, talk about best timing, and I’ll get it out to the media for you. Finally, I’ll track print results for you and let you know when it starts dropping in newspapers.”

He was nodding and looking a little less unsure. 

“Do you have any questions before we get started?” I asked him.

“No,” he said. “You just answered them all for me—before I even knew what to ask.” 

The press release I wrote and distributed for this client generated immediate results. It was picked up on immediately and then in the days following in two local newspapers and a business magazine.

I am a warm and compassionate person, and I have a solid process and approach. This makes my clients feel like they are in good hands.

Let me give you some peace of mind. I can have your back too as I help you plan and create impactful content. 

Start a conversation with me today.

Photo by Craig Fear of Fearless Eating.

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