A Client Q and A with Monica Curhan, Senior Vice President Director of Marketing, Florence Bank

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I have been working with Monica Curhan, senior vice president director of marketing at Florence Bank, a local, mutually owned bank in Florence, Massachusetts. Recently, she offered some thoughts on what it’s like to work with me and what value I add to her marketing team.

What is the work or mission of your organization? 

Florence Bank is a local bank focused on providing financial services to individuals and businesses in the community through outstanding customer service.

When did you begin working with Janice, and what specific services did she provide for you? 

I believe it was in 2017. Since then, Janice has assisted us with all things public relations. She interviews stakeholders and writes blog articles, writes, and distributes press releases, invites reporters to events, and handles them at events. A long-time resident of the Pioneer Valley, Janice knows the area, and provides valuable advice on how the market and media will respond to proposed initiatives.

What was the quality of Janice’s work?

Janice’s work is of the highest quality. She gets the facts right and tells a story that leaves the reader educated, informed, and entertained. I enjoy reading her work—whether it’s a press release, a blog article, or a book.

Did press releases Janice wrote for you attract attention from the media?

Yes. In fact, I can’t think of one press release written by Janice that did not get picked up by the media. 

What value did her other content creation efforts bring to your organization?

The articles Janice wrote for our website helped us to educate and inform our customers on all sorts of financial topics. Hosting informative content articles, written by Janice, drove traffic to our website.

Who in your various audiences benefited from the work and in what ways?

The bank’s brand benefits from the positive PR Janice generates for us. Customers benefit from the information and knowledge obtained through articles Janice has written. I benefit from her insight and advice regarding potential market reaction to proposed communication.

Did staff also benefit?

Janice taught some of my staff members the basics of writing and distributing press releases. Having her advise me and assist with the bank’s public relations efforts enhances the quality of our communication. 

Do you consider Janice a partner in your marketing and public relations efforts?

Absolutely! Janice is an extension of the Florence Bank Marketing Team.

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