Jackpot Bingo Promotes Student Success and Scholarships

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I have been writing for Plymouth State University in central New Hampshire (my younger daughter Molly’s alma mater) for several years now. My stories about students, alumni, and campus projects have appeared in the university’s alumni magazine and on its website.

Most recently, I wrote the following piece, and rather than offering it in full here on my site, I am providing the link to read it on the Plymouth State website:

Jackpot Bingo Promotes Student Success and Scholarships

Plymouth State University students have been brushing up on their Bingo lingo this semester as first years take part in an innovative and engaging new campus challenge.

There are no traditional cash prizes in the Plymouth Jackpot Bingo game, though, and there are no numbers drawn by a caller. No daubers or dabbers either to mark off your numbers. Students take part by attending club meetings and events, immersing themselves in campus traditions, and using Plymouth State resources throughout the fall 2022 semester.

Read about Jackpot Bingo.

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