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I’m a longtime storyteller, and for several years now, I’ve been showing you the kinds of stories I write for clients to help them raise awareness and educate those they serve. In these gnarly post-Covid—and perhaps pre-Delta-Variant—times, I’m also going to shift back at turns to talking about why I help clients create content. 

Businesspeople, including myself, have been knocked in the gut for the past 18 months, and now, we’re lifting ourselves up and focusing on regrowth and sales. It’s a great time for the reminders on how to make PR and content marketing work for you. 

The posts I have been creating for my audience in recent years have provided real-life examples of blogs and press releases I produce for clients such as Glenmeadow, Florence Bank, Thornes Marketplace, and the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. They give prospects a solid idea of what I can do for them.

Starting with this blog, though, I will turn the spotlight on why my clients tell stories on their websites and how that content has helped them reach goals that included growing their customer base, finding new residents, raising funds, and recruiting volunteers. I’ll also tell you how you can use storytelling as your own marketing tool. 

It’s important to talk about the power of content now because our goals are multifaceted and our means for reaching them might not seem clear.

Stories are important in business. Storytelling sells.

Ninety-one percent of American shoppers are buying online these days, and stories help them find your website. Stories are content, and, as Bill Gates told us years ago, “Content is king.” 

“Content” means something different to different businesspeople, though. So, what is content? It’s blog posts about your work, staff, and customer successes; photographs that show your products and interactions with clients and staff; infographics on the benefits of your products or services; videos of staff, clients, and customers; and newletters and eblasts that offer news and resources. 

More simply put, content is information and education about your work.

You must create content to reach your audience and stay relevant. It brings fresh material to your website, which improves your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and makes it easier for your prospects to find you.

Telling stories keeps your audience informed about what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and how you can help. It keeps you engaged with your clients and prospects and ensures when they need what you do, you are top of mind for them. 

Now is the time to add more content to your site and refresh what’s there. What is new in your business? What is different? How are you helping people solve problems in their work and lives?

Start creating new online content for your business that addresses the changes you have made and the ways that you are improving your services, and your clients’ lives. This will help you make a comeback and keep your business strong.

Post blogs. Start conversations on social media. Send out enewletters and eblasts.

If you are not part of the online dialogue, you are not getting noticed. 

Stay tuned for tips on everything from what stories you might tell about your work to networking advice. 

Let’s stay relevant, strong, and consistent in this time when so much is shape-shifting in the world.

Email me to schedule a conversation. 

We can talk about what you might feature on your website, and what stories are newsworthy.

Wouldn’t it be great to find yourself in the newspaper some morning while you’re drinking your coffee? I can make that happen—over and over.

Just get in touch.

Learn how I can help you strategize your storytelling so that you reach your audience on your website and also connect with the media so you can raise awareness in the wider community.

Let me help you get started with your storytelling campaign.

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