Focusing on Strengths in Covid Recovery

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I feel energized, and I’m hoping to inspire you.

After a COVID year, I’m headed back to Start in the game of business development, and that means I must return to the basics of using public relations—or PR—tactics and getting the word out there about what I do. 

Fortunately, this comes easily to me. I will simply do for myself what I do for clients.

I’m starting a series of blogs in hopes I might give you some hope and passion to reinvigorate your business by ramping up your presence online and in the local media.

In early March 2020, my to-do list for client projects was so long it gave me angina. By St. Patrick’s Day, I did not have a to-do list. That was the blow that the COVID-19 pandemic dealt to me and Beetle Press—and hundreds of thousands of other businesspeople across the country.

One by one, clients canceled projects for various reasons. They didn’t have the funds. They couldn’t hold the events they had planned. They were afraid to talk about their COVID protocols because at any minute they might have to change them. 

Time passed, and some clients have come back to work with me. Others are still affected by the loss of income. They are doing without a public relations partner at this time, or they’ve added the responsibilities for blogging and creating content for newsletters, social media, and other platforms onto the shoulders of already-busy staff members.

This all means that today, as we sit perhaps on the precipice of a new Delta Variant attack on health and economics, I am among the businesspeople across the world who are focused on regrowth, rebuilding, reshaping, rebranding, and restrengthening. 

I’m a storyteller, and I use my fact-finding, writing, and editing skills to help my clients reach out to their various audiences to share their important news and also to explain what they do, why they do it, and how it helps those they serve. 

With today’s blog, I will move away from posting the stories and press releases I write for clients, and I will return to writing posts that educate my readers about content, its importance, and how I can help strategize the best use of content and also produce it. 

I have been fortunate in this past year. Because I have a second business focused on book development, I have kept busy—mainly writing my own books and getting them on the market. “Willful Evolution” came out several months ago and has received much praise from a mainly female readership; women and men tell me the book is powerful, honest, and inspiring.

Many businesses are not diversified in the same way I am, though, and they have struggled.

I hope that in putting more energy into Beetle Press and talking with you all about the whys and how-tos, I can help you learn how to promote yourself through PR or show you that I can do it for you, affordably.

Reach out today to learn how I can help you make a COVID comeback. 

I can help you strategize.

Share your important news with the media.

Create blog and social media posts and newsletter content.

And if you don’t have a newsletter yet, I can get you started. 

I want us all to recover together. Please be in touch.

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