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One simple way to stand out in the crowd in the business world is to express gratitude, and this is a great time of year for some intentional thank-yous!

When somebody in business helps you, take a minute to say thanks. It’s free, easy, quick. And very wise.

There are many reasons to say thank you in business, such as when a friend or a colleague passes you a referral; whether or not it evolves into a business relationship doesn’t matter. A referral means someone thought enough of you to recommend you, and that’s a gesture that deserves a pat on the back.

I occasionally get referrals from colleagues, and I always take the time to say thanks with an email at all stages of a new relationship—such as when I am first connected, when I’ve had a conversation, when the partnership officially begins, and when the work has been completed. It’s a nice way to show appreciation, and it also keeps me top of mind. 

I recently emailed a former intern from Westfield State College to thank her for connecting me to an author whose manuscript I am currently editing. I told her, again, that she has the distinction of being the first intern in sixteen years to pass me a referral. She enjoyed hearing that, again, and I liked being back in touch with her and knowing what she is doing this semester.

It’s all about building relationships.

Thank colleagues who have the inclination and take the time to write a recommendation for you—for a job, entry into grad school, or in a post on a social media platform. Thank the person who invites you to come along to a networking meeting or some other gathering.

An email will suffice as a means for communicating your thanks, but a handwritten note is more impactful and meaningful. And that note might get tacked up on a board left on display on someone’s desk, serving as a regular reminder that you are a good businessperson and a good person. 

Sending a small gift—such as a plant or a gift card—also will make an impression. 

Take your business or organization to a new level this holiday season and in 2022. Start taking the time to give thanks when it’s due and when it might simply be a pleasant surprise that raises your profile a notch—or 10.

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