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Just as I do when working with clients, I started the work of shaping a content campaign to raise awareness about my own business by strategizing. I thought about the big picture first and communicated what I do and for whom, and then I planned how I would roll the details of the story out over time. 

In the past month, I told you that COVID-19 set me back and that I’m energized to rebuild my business by storytelling and creating new content for my website. I also told you why I was taking this approach: Because…content drives sales.

So, over time, I will show you what I do for clients, who I help and how, and most importantly, how you can raise awareness through storytelling on your website and social media platforms—and by outreach to the media.

If you don’t have the time or the experience to launch your own storytelling campaign to raise awareness about what you do, please reach out. I can help you strategize and roll out content that will get you noticed.  

Because everybody has a story to tell that will get them noticed. Stories connect us to the people we serve.

I tell stories for my clients who are successful CEOs, marketing directors, executive directors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about what they do, what sets them apart, and what value their clients get from them. 

I partner with my clients on varying levels, which range from full consulting and strategy, along with writing press releases and other content, to simply writing content in following their lead. 

We talk together in easy, efficient conversation so I can assess what is new, what successes they’ve had in recent months, and how they’ve helped their customers and clients improve their lives.

I shine a light on my clients and help lift them up as thought leaders—the people you’d want to turn to when you need a retirement community for a parent, a bank to apply for a mortgage or open a checking account, or a nonprofit to support with your time and financial resources.

I might start a campaign with a story about the business owner’s inspiration for the work he or she does. And I might follow that up with a blog about a new service and the value it adds. 

We might continue the story with blogs on new staff members or team leaders, highlighting their experience and the ways they expand the reach or improve service in the organization.

In the late spring, when shops and storefronts were opening up again after the pandemic, to the joy of us all, I helped Thornes Marketplace in Northampton tell the story of its reopening. I wrote a press release that went out to the media and brought the television cameras in. (Read some feedback from Thornes co-owner and marketing director Jody Doele.)

I turned that PR into a blog that Thornes posted on its website.

This spring, I also highlighted Florence Bank’s Customers’ Choice Community Grants program, again with a press release about the annual awards celebration, during which bank leaders offer grants to several dozen local nonprofits. 

Again, a television crew and several print journalists came to tell their stories of the awards event. 

And I penned a blog about it for the bank’s website.

The stories I tell with and for clients take different forms, depending on the audience and who my clients want to reach. 

When you’re holding a public event or want to announce an anniversary, an award, a new service, or new member of your staff team, I would recommend and write both a press release—to reach your customers in the community—and a blog and social media posts—to reach those in your online audience.

If you feel stuck and want help getting started on your storytelling campaign, please reach out to talk. I can explain the varying levels in which we could partner to help you raise awareness and get results. 

I can also help you brainstorm your business or organization stories. I am certain there are many waiting to be told.

If you are not signed up for my blog, sign up here so that you don’t miss a post or a tip or idea.

This is a great time for rebuilding. Let me help.

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